Crazy Sexy Cool. The Journey.


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Happy 2014 sexy cool ones.
A glimpse into the last two years of my incredible, challenging creative journey.
I couldn’t have done this without you.
Thank You.
Thank you for the likes, follows, comments, suggestions and kind words.

My personal mission will forever remain the same, to simply
“Live & Let Love” and Coexist in peace.
Wishing you an amazing Crazy Sexy Cool healthy and prosperous 2014
With Gratitude, Peace, and so much Love ,

The Lane Style House

The Lane Style House and Sig Farkash have teamed up to offer retail buyers a truly spiritual experience, that customers will enjoy and cherish! Design By Sig and Crazy Sexy Cool are new jewelry collections created by Los Angelesjewelry designer, Sig Farkash at The Lane Style House. The wonderful jewelry collection, Design By Sig, has incorporated some of the finest handmade materials from around the world. Jewelry designer, Sig Farkash, has traveled around the world and has shared her travels through her collection, Design By Sig. Crazy Sexy Cool is an equally succesful collection, targeting a younger market.
Every piece I design is handmade, using natural stones, high end metals and imported items from around the world. High end metals, natural stones, semi precious stones, Handcrafted designs. Design by SIG was established in 2011 with an overnight decision to pursue a true passion and dream. Inspired…

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Gold Rush


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I’d like to thank everyone who has spent a few minutes online either looking at or purchasing my jewelry designs at designbysig and crazysexycool. The response has been simply awesome. Thank you.  Occasionally, I’ll receive some queries asking “What does this mean?” or “What’s that for?” Sure they could Google it, but that’s where I come in, the new jewelry Google. 😉

So, where do I start? The jewelry industry is huge:  precious stones, semi-precious stones, natural stones, Sterling silver, gold, base metals, and beads made of practically everything, wires, tools, techniques, and the list goes on.  When in doubt start at the top, Gold!

Gold is a dense, soft, shiny, malleable and ductile metal. Pure gold has a bright yellow color and luster, which it maintains without oxidizing in air or water.

Gold was among the first metals to be mined because it commonly occurs in its native form that is, not combined with other elements, because it is beautiful and imperishable, and because exquisite objects can be made from it. Artisans of ancient civilizations used gold lavishly in decorating tombs and temples, and gold objects made more than 5,000 years ago have been found in Egypt.

Although gold is used as investment, monetary exchange, electronics, and even in medicine I will give you a bit of information about gold and its use in jewelry.Image

Because of the softness of pure (24k) gold, it is usually alloyed with base metals for use in jewelry, altering its hardness and ductility, melting point, color and other properties. Alloys with lower carats, typically 22k, 18k, 14k or 10k, contain higher percentages of copper, or other base metals or silver or palladium in the alloy. Copper is the most commonly used base metal, yielding a redder color.

Eighteen-carat gold containing 25% copper is found in antique and Russian jewelry and has a distinct, though not dominant, copper cast, creating rose gold.

Fourteen-carat gold-copper alloy is nearly identical in color to certain bronze alloys, and both may be used to produce police and other badges. Blue gold can be made by alloying with iron and purple gold can be made by alloying with aluminum, although rarely done except in specialize jewelry. Blue gold is more brittle and therefore more difficult to work with when making jewelry.

Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy widely used for specialized jewelry. It is also known as pink gold and red gold. As it was popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century, it is also known as Russian Gold, however, this term is now obsolete.

Although the names are often used interchangeably, the difference between red, rose, and pink gold is the copper content – the higher the copper content, the stronger the red coloration. A common alloy for rose gold is 75% gold and 25% copper by mass (18k). Since rose gold is an alloy, there is no such thing as “pure rose gold”.

A common formulation for red gold is 50% gold and 50% copper.

Fourteen and eighteen carat gold alloys with silver alone appear greenish-yellow and are referred to as green gold White gold alloys can be made with palladium  or nickel.  White 18-carat gold containing 17.3% nickel, 5.5% zinc and 2.2% copper is silvery in appearance. Nickel is toxic, however, and its release from nickel white gold is controlled by legislation in Europe

Alternative white gold alloys are available based on palladium, silver and other white metals, but the palladium alloys are more expensive than those using nickel. High-carat white gold alloys are far more resistant to corrosion than are either pure silver or sterling silver.

Gold jewelry reacts with chlorine. Never take your gold jewelry into a pool or spa. 

Today’s interesting fact:

Dwindling legal gold supplies and a spike in black market demand from China have made work lucrative for Mongolia’s “ninja miners,” who extract the riches of the country’s vast steppe with metal detectors and home-made smelters.

Northern Mongolia is experiencing a gold rush of its own. It is not unlike the gold rush that had prospectors rushing to Alaska and northern Canada in the late 1800’.

Wow! That is one precious metal that makes up a lot of today’s jewelry market. I barely even scratched the surface. Well, if I scratched a little of your curiosities itch; I’ll chalk this blog down as a success.

I’ll keep these coming with info on gold filled, gold plating, vermeil and more.

As always, wishing you

Love and Peace,


From Online to On The Shelves

I love having my work on the worldwide web.  Seeing that people from 115 countries have stopped by to view my pieces gives me a thrill.  When I ship pieces to places like New Zealand, Israel, or Canada, it makes me feel good.  For my pieces to be worn globally is remarkable because my work is inspired from my travels, and the people I met. 

That we live in a world where it is even possible is amazing to me.  Especially when I think back to my first cell phone.  It weighed 5 pounds and needed its own purse ;-).  The web makes the world small and while I am proud to have my company be web-based, things are changing.

About a month ago I went to Malibu for lunch with friends.  I didn’t really want to go because I was so busy, but when I weighed finishing my work against lunch and a cocktail overlooking the Pacific Ocean, I made the executive decision to take a break and spend the day being a lady who lunches.

It’s good to be the boss!

We had a phenomenal lunch, a couple of drinks, and I got to hang out with some friends.  After we ate we walked around and went into a couple of the quaint shops.  We went into one shop called Tylie Malibu, and we immediately fell in love with everything.  I thought about how great my jewels would look with the bags and super cool clothing they carry.  Before I could digest this thought, a young girl named Hillary approached. She was super sweet and helping my friend Yvonne choose a beautiful handbag she simply had to have.  Hillary loved the jewels Yvonne was wearing by my crazysexycool and designbysig lines, and asked where she got them from.  My friend Lori took over and didn’t stop talking about how much she too loved my pieces, and before you know it she made an appointment for me to meet the buyer.

I love my friends.

I pulled some of my favorite pieces and met with Heidi, the buyer.  We have met once more since then, and I can tell you that I now have a new friend.  She ended up ordering some of my favorite pieces, and I thought, this is going to work. It felt like some time off with a good friend.

I love my job.

I am thrilled to tell you all that Tylie Malibu, is now carrying DesignBySig, and that this is just the beginning of our retail life. I am so happy to be partnering with them and not just because I love their store and the items they carry.  With summer fast approaching, I will need to deliver pieces to Malibu, in the middle of the day, wearing my bathing suit under my clothes.   Who needs the postal service when I can deliver the orders myself?

It’s good to be the boss!


The web makes the world small, but so do we.   I forced myself to step away from my work and it lead me down a new and exciting path.  I met people I would not have met had I not made the schlep to the beach, and those people are now opening up the world to me in a new way.  Being kind to a stranger matters.

Everyone should take a moment out of today to simply breathe.  Think of all the possibilities, and if you are brave, be kind to a stranger.  When we connect as people magical things can happen.  

Thank you to Lisa, Heidi, and Hillary of Tylie Malibu.  I am happy to be working with you, and will “stop by” the beach whenever I can.

Love and Peace


The Power of Women

I am back after being temporarily knocked out by the flu.  It’s been a rough week, and when you add on having to recover from four days in Vegas, my recovery was super slow!  It’s great to be home and felling better.  It’s an exciting time for fashion and accessories because it’s Fashion Week in Los Angeles.

We may not have the same high profile as New York, but we sure do have the glitz and the glam.  I am looking forward to seeing some shows, meeting great people, and getting inspired.  Sometimes I see a beautiful outfit and think I can make it even better with the right necklace.  It’s such fun.

It’s an exciting time because I am now not going as just a fan, but as a colleague.  I’m in the game and it’s fabulous.  I’ve also connected in business with people I have known personally for years.  The networking is really wonderful because knowing one person leads to a fresh path.

Miryam Abitbol has been my friend for years and I am so proud of her  elise M belt and bag line. We got to share Magic and Project in Vegas her crew is just adorable.  We snuck in some dinners, dancing and a few drink.

I have known handbag designer Anat Marin for years. She has really wonderful pieces and I have been a fan of her for a long time.  I love the details in her new handbag line and adore how she uses color and texture.  I have pieces in my own designbysig line that match so perfectly with her bags; it’s as if they were a set.

Anat introduced me to the work of fashion designer Tal Sheyn years ago.  I have been a fan of her couture line and loving her Alexis By Tal Sheyn dresses and while we spoke on the phone and knew people in common, I have yet to meet her in person, and looking forward to it.  She is an inspiration to me and it was through Tal that I was introduced to stylist Rosy and her adorable assistant Christy.

Rosy is styling a few shows for Fashion Week and I am a fan. She came over to the house and chose some of my best pieces to possibly use in one of the shows. She has a good eye and a fun approach to how she styles.  More than just a look, she styles in a way that you notice the person.  The look makes the person shine, not the other way around and I love that about her.

It’s been like a game of telephone with this group.  One knows another, knows the other and we were all connected.  Women are powerful.  We are strong in terms of our personal lives, but when it comes to business, we are a different kind of strong.  As women we work harder than men

Men won’t agree with me, but when a man can give birth to a watermelon, get a period the day he has a huge sales pitch, and have to worry about meeting a man while raising a boy to be man, he can then claim to work harder than a woman.  The power of women is special.

I am enjoying a week of fashion shows, inspiration, and spending time with these new strong, passionate women in my life.  It’s a great time for my business, my heart, and my dreams.  Hopefully next year designbysig will partake in Fashion Week.

If I put it out there, it will be.  Amen!

Love and Peace.


My Crazy Sexy Cool Life.

It has been a hectic few weeks getting ready to launch my latest line. CrazySexyCool is my new collection and I am very proud of it.  It includes pieces that capture a younger vibe that is fun and fresh.  The pieces are stylish, dramatic and affordable.  DesignBySig is my passion and launching this second collection has been amazing. Starting a new company is a big job, but one I love.  Of course it’s not easy, but sometimes you just have to give up sleep to follow your dreams.

Who needs sleep?

Between training our new puppy Gio, designing for what seems like 24/7, the new collection is almost done and now I can rest.  Rest means I will get 4 hours of sleep a night and I can’t wait.  To kick off my new sleeping schedule I am heading to Vegas to celebrate.  If you’re going to get four hours of sleep Vegas seems like the perfect place to be.  I am looking forward to rest and relaxation, but also the celebration.

I am going to Vegas with some very special people who had a hand in getting CrazySexyCool ready.

My best friend Marty did the music remix for the new site and I am so grateful for his talent.  He has been a great friend to me and that he invited us to Vegas is really amazing.  We have been friends for a long time and sharing the experience with him means a lot to me.

I am a tough businesswoman and that both these men have embraced my business side is a blessing.  They have stepped up to the plate and helped make my dreams come true, without ever making me want to kill them. Well, maybe once or twice.

I am lucky to have a supportive family and amazing friends.   To my delicious sons I say thank you.  You inspired CrazySexyCool and seeing you wear the pieces makes me very happy.   To my dad, there are no words.  Thank you Abba for our morning talks, taking my calls no matter how busy you get, your endless support, my custom made design table, and my amazing sample boards. I love you!

To Ilana, thank you for your friendship, our spontaneous lunches,  and your unconditional support from day one.

To Gio, thank you for no longer eating the jewelry.

To Vegas, get ready because I am coming and with only four hours of sleep required, things are going to get crazy, sexy and cool.  Happy shopping and I’ll see you soon.

Love and Peace,


A little Courage.

I have received quite a few inquiries in regards to the symbol on my designbysig logo.  Well, it is the Kanji symbol for “courage”.  The Japanese writing system is composed by symbols taken from the Chinese language. Unlike in hiragana and katakana, each kanji symbol has a meaning.  Most times, these symbols are used together with other two syllabic scripts called hiragana and katakana, and the Arabic numerals. Occasionally, the Latin alphabet is used in Japanese writing.

While in Thailand, a couple of years ago, I decided to tattoo the symbol to my body, as a daily reminder.I went ahead with the decision knowing my Jewish parents will strongly disapprove as it goes against the religion to alter ones body.

I see it differently. If one can get a nose job or Botox, I can get a tattoo.

Deciding to start my own business, knowing I will be working over fifty hour weeks, took courage. Sending my boys to study abroad took all the courage I have.  Taking on two small kids, when mine are out the door took courage.

Telling my mom about the tattoo was a whole other story. It took a month for me to gather the courage for that one.

Courage is important and I am required to have it every day.  Some days getting on the freeway in Los Angeles requires courage.  Sometimes not screaming like banshee when the puppy eats a beautiful Louboutin shoe requires courage.  Being a single mother is the ultimate courage.

My life has been a series of leaps of faith and you can’t jump off the ledge if you don’t have courage.  If you are lucky enough to also have a little bit of crazy, life can be an incredible journey.  Thanks for all the questions about the logo.  Anything else you want to know, write me!

Love & Peace.


Feeling Good.

It’s not enough that jewelry looks good, it needs to feel good.  I take a lot of pride in my work and if it looks good but is not comfortable, I’m not selling it.  I wear each one of my samples to make sure they work in real life. We all have bought that gorgeous piece of jewelry, worn it proudly for one night, only to tuck it away and never wear it again. I don’t want that. I want you to wear designbysig like a favorite pair of blue jeans that you can’t wait to slip on in the morning.

I wear my samples in the shower to see how they do in water, and in the hot tub to test how they handle the heat. Nothing dirty people just quality control.  I wear them with delicate silk shirts to make sure nothing catches, and to ensure the pieces are not too heavy. Something as little as how it sits on the body, and the directions of each stone, are all things that I really care about. Yes, I care about quality control.

We all know the saying, if you look good you feel good, but for my pieces, the saying is, if it feels good, it will look better!  It’s not enough for me that you buy it, I want you to wear it and love it. Speaking of love, a word of advice to all of my romantic peeps out there, chocolate = like.                                                       DesignbySig = LOVE and it is just the thing for Valentine’s Day!  Happy shopping and remember, accessories matter!

Love & Peace,


Gio Jr.

I am in love with a new man.  He has gorgeous grey hair and Paul Newman’s blue eyes. We met on Face book market place. It was love at first sight!  He likes to cuddle, loves to nibble, and is already following me around everywhere.  He sits on my lap while I’m designing and also chews my furniture, and has gone after my shoes (anyone that know me well will tell you that is a HUGE mistake) He also thinks passing gas should happen often and loudly.


Yes my friends, I got a new puppy.  I am so in love him and take him everywhere with me.  I wrote last week that my life was full and busy and I was excited about my new crazysexycool line by designbysig so what in the world possessed me to take on such a huge commitment? Perhaps it was temporary insanity, or maybe, it was seeing a ghost.

I used to share a dog named Gio.  I met him through a friend, and at first was terrified of him, but once I got to know him I was in love.  I got to keep him for a while and then share “custody. He was the greatest dog I have ever known.  Although I didn’t raise him, I was connected to him and he became a part of the family.   I loved him in a way that has forever etched him into my heart. He was a gentle beast and I miss him.

When Gio was getting towards the end of his life, he was blind.  It did not stop him from being fiercely loyal and protective of me.  One night I was sitting at home alone with him and I thought I heard something outside. I got up to check it out, and when I opened the door Gio was off.

He ran outside barking to attack whatever came but the poor guy was blind, and in the excitement of the moment lost his way for a minute and ran straight into the pool.  As soon as I heard the splash I ran after him and jumped in to save him. We were quite that sight.

Don’t think I’m crazy, but if dogs could laugh, I’m pretty sure Gio laughed that night.  We were both sitting of the step of the pool, panting, and freezing.  I’m sure he thought I was ridiculous for jumping on after him, and probably a little annoyed that I have moved the pool without letting him know.

Gio passed away not too long after that and I miss him.  Cut to last week, and we come to my new boyfriend.  I went online to do some work and for reasons I cannot explain, I did a search for pit bulls.  Maybe I was thinking about Gio, but before I realized what I was doing, there he was, staring at me.

My new puppy, Gio Junior, does not really look like Gio, but when I looked into his eyes, it was like my Gio was there.  I could not stop staring at his face and so rather than try to figure out what exactly I was doing, I went and got the dog.  No turning back now because we are in love.

He goes everywhere with me, and I love that.

It’s going to be a long few weeks of training for my new boy.  He has not yet mastered the stairs, or realized that necklaces are not for puppies.  He will chew on anything from cat food to shoes, my computer cable and even my phone. But I have the spirit of Gio back in my home and it feels good.

While there will never be another Gio, calling the new puppy Gio Jr. Makes sense to me.  I love them both and life is busy.  I am looking forward to watching him grow and am so excited about having a fabulous excuse to buy new shoes!  If he can just stop farting, it will be perfect!

Love and Peace.


It’s Quite Easy Being Green

I love nature!  It’s where I am most at peace. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a city girl, but when I need to find my inner peace I turn to mother earth and nature.

On my last trip to Vancouver, Canada, I was mesmerized by all the nature around me. Even in the city I was surrounded by trees and greenery. Recycling is important there. Most of the people genuinely care about mother earth.

I have spent most of my life thinking it is not easy being “green”, but it turns out that with a few small changes and consistent dedication, it is possible.  DesignBySig is a proud green company.  We have one planet, and I love her, so green is the only option. I am a child of the world.  I have travelled extensively and if I lived for another hundred years I would still not get to all the places I want to visit. Traveling is a blessing and I know how lucky I am to see the world.  It is my experiences with travel that inspire me to save the planet for my children. We are responsible for the earth and need to start thinking of her as belonging to all of us.  We cannot turn back time or erase the damage we have done, but if we all make gradual changes imagine what that will mean for our future generations and this glorious planet we share.

I do my part at home with recycling, not using bottled water, and conserving energy. We are hoping to install solar panels by the end of the year. At DesignBySig we are also dedicated to doing our part. We use virtually no paper as everything is electronic.  Our gift cards are transferred to client via email, packaging is reusable, our website Is eco-friendly as our web hosting is 100% wind powered. Also, some of the beads used in my designs are of recycled glass.

We can all do our part, and no part is too small.  Recycle your cans, avoid bottled water, turn off your lights, shut off the water when brushing and use canvas bags when grocery shopping.

The world is magnificent and I want our children, grand children and great-grandchildren to see her in all of her amazing glory.

Peace and Love