Summer ended last weekend. I know that winter is coming because it’s a bristling 75 degrees in Los Angeles. It’s hard to get into the idea of winter when it’s so warm, but I love the heat and will miss summer.
I get restless to travel in the winter and it changes my designs. I just did a series of pieces with shades of amber, brown and bronze. They feel like fall and there is warmth to the stones that I love. They are solid pieces, but not heavy or bulky, which is important. I want my pieces to grace your neck, not weigh it down.

I will wake up one of these days, and my cravings for a beach in far away land will inspire a change. I love using turquoise, and greens tones. They are like the ocean, which is a special place for me. The ocean brings me peace and comfort and that translates into these stones. The change of weather is nice.

I am beginning to understand that my oldest baby is off at school. It’s been almost two week since my beloved Andrew left for college, and it feels like it’s been years since I saw him. I hope that my loneliness for him gets easier to deal with in time. I will look back at these pieces years from now and remember that they represent such transition.
Andrew is doing great and settling in. I am missing him, but using the quiet as inspiration to create special pieces. Seasons bring change and change is good. Amen.
Love and peace