When I am creating my designs, I touch everything.  To look at the stones is not enough.  I need to feel them to truly understand what I want to do, because each stone gives me a feeling and truly decides the direction the piece will go.

Touching them is part of my inspiration. I am humbled by a perfect stone.  That it can be flawless, made so by nature, is beautiful.  When I come across a stone with an imperfection however, I get excited.  When a perfect stone has a bump, or ridge, I can’t help but wonder about the journey it’s taken.

My designs are not just about my travels, but each piece tells its own story. When you buy one of my pieces, I want you to touch all the parts that make it whole.  Feel the stones, look at the colors, and appreciate what nature has created. My design is only a small part of it.

I have a basket full of imperfect stones. Just because it does not make it into one of my pieces, does not mean it is not beautiful.  One day I will take all the imperfect stones and make something magnificent out of them.  The flaws remind me to see beauty in everything. I will never be perfect.  I have flaws, which I have learned to not only accept, but embrace.

I admire beauty and feel blessed to be able to see it in places where it is not obvious.  When you buy one of my pieces, touch the stones and you’ll be connected to their beauty.


Peace and Love,