I am currently working on a line of designs that are so beautiful, that I stop while I am making them to admire my own work!  I love them so much and don’t mind bragging about it.  I wonder sometimes about whether I will love them years from now.  Will my grandchildren want to wear these early pieces? Will these pieces that I love so much, stand the test of time?  Yes they will!

I wear them now, and know that I will continue to wear the pieces from this line for years to come.  They are not locked in as simply fashion of today.  They are beautiful and will stay that way forever.  They are classic.

The other day I was wearing a pair of jeans and a light sweater.  We had an almost fall like day in Los Angeles, and I paired the outfit with a couple of my strands, and a large amber piece.  I got compliments on my necklace all day.  It made me so happy to have people appreciate my work and share with me.

At the post office, a woman told me that her mother once had an amber piece and my necklace reminded her of it.  I truly hope my pieces will be worn, and passed along, creating memories of mothers for their children.  These designs will carry the stories of who wears them, and that is timeless.

Peace and Love,