I like blogging.  It’s therapeutic to write and share, but there are some days when I’ve just got nothing.  Do I write about my work, my family, my boyfriend, my dog?  I wondered around the house today trying to figure out what to write about, and nothing.

I have a friend who blogs every single day and always has something interesting to share.  How is that possible?  I almost wrote about my trip to market and how much laundry I have.  Who can do this every day and not run out of things to say?

That I am writing a blog, about not having anything to write about, is both pathetic and fantastic.  It’s my Seinfeld moment.  A blog about nothing.  Rather than stress about it any longer, I am going to go make dinner and cut myself some slack.

If my next blog is about what we had for dinner, shoot me.

Love and peace.