I was recently sent a video that was made by a 14 year old boy named Jonah Mowry.  He is a gay teen who has been tortured by kids in his school for being gay.  You can view Jonah’s moving and heartbreaking video by clicking on this link: http://youtu.be/iCi8fe0KtZ0

My heart broke when I watched Jonah’s video to the world.  I feel his pain because I know his pain.  As the mother of a gay son, I have seen firsthand how cruel people can be.  My son is a divine human being and who he chooses to love does not define who he is, and should not be judged.   How can we expect children to grow up and make the world a better place when they are fueled by hate?  It is our responsibility as adults and decent people to stop the bullying and hate towards not only the gay community but anyone who is punished by the ignorance of people.

Knowledge, tolerance, peace, love and understanding must be taught at home. Children are not born with hate, they are taught hate.  The blame for hate falls not only on the children who are bullying, but on their parents and the adults in their family who allow it with no repercussions. My son is away at college and I cannot fight all of his battles for him, but I wish I could.  I would like to address every single person who has uttered a gay slur to him, or made him feel bad about whom he is.  God created this beautiful child and I am blessed to be his mother.

 My mission in life is to help create a world where my son is free to live the life God planned for him.  I also happen to be an Israeli so don’t mess with me.  I am not only standing up for my own child, but for every child who may not have the support they need to be able to say ENOUGH!

I pledge to walk the walk with all of you!

To Jonah, I love you.  To my son, you are perfection to me and I love you more than you will ever know.  I love you and your wonderful boyfriend and it my greatest joy to watch the love and respect you have for each other.  God bless you.  We are all in this together, and none of you will ever be alone.

 Love & Peace