When I launched my new line late last year, it was so crazy busy I never really thought about the date.  It was October, then November, and before I knew it, December was over and the New Year had begun.  It is only now, a week into 2012 that I am taking a moment to reflect on 2011. It was a wonderful time in both my personal and professional lives. At home my oldest son began college, and my younger one got his first car.  I moved in with my Canadian boyfriend and am blessed to have his two young sons as a part of my family.

It is a lot of change, but we are all excited. In the middle of many new beginnings, I had another baby.  DesignBySig is my heart and soul and I really think of it as a baby.  I have watched it go from my passion, to an idea, to a business, to my dreams coming true.  Just as I am getting into the swing of things, change is knocking on my door again.

I am launching a young adult line called Crazy-Sexy-Cool and it is already racking up orders without even being officially launched.  My DesignBySig baby went a little nuts and decided to have its own baby, so I am juggling both lines and could not be happier!  I am living my dream and it is a blessing.

This promises to be an exciting year for my company but I cannot jump into the New Year without taking a moment to say thank you.  Thanks to all of you for embracing DesignBySig and helping to make it a huge success.  I look forward to the  2012, new pieces, and new friends.  Thank you!!!

Love and Peace