I love nature!  It’s where I am most at peace. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a city girl, but when I need to find my inner peace I turn to mother earth and nature.

On my last trip to Vancouver, Canada, I was mesmerized by all the nature around me. Even in the city I was surrounded by trees and greenery. Recycling is important there. Most of the people genuinely care about mother earth.

I have spent most of my life thinking it is not easy being “green”, but it turns out that with a few small changes and consistent dedication, it is possible.  DesignBySig is a proud green company.  We have one planet, and I love her, so green is the only option. I am a child of the world.  I have travelled extensively and if I lived for another hundred years I would still not get to all the places I want to visit. Traveling is a blessing and I know how lucky I am to see the world.  It is my experiences with travel that inspire me to save the planet for my children. We are responsible for the earth and need to start thinking of her as belonging to all of us.  We cannot turn back time or erase the damage we have done, but if we all make gradual changes imagine what that will mean for our future generations and this glorious planet we share.

I do my part at home with recycling, not using bottled water, and conserving energy. We are hoping to install solar panels by the end of the year. At DesignBySig we are also dedicated to doing our part. We use virtually no paper as everything is electronic.  Our gift cards are transferred to client via email, packaging is reusable, our website Is eco-friendly as our web hosting is 100% wind powered. Also, some of the beads used in my designs are of recycled glass.

We can all do our part, and no part is too small.  Recycle your cans, avoid bottled water, turn off your lights, shut off the water when brushing and use canvas bags when grocery shopping.

The world is magnificent and I want our children, grand children and great-grandchildren to see her in all of her amazing glory.

Peace and Love