I am in love with a new man.  He has gorgeous grey hair and Paul Newman’s blue eyes. We met on Face book market place. It was love at first sight!  He likes to cuddle, loves to nibble, and is already following me around everywhere.  He sits on my lap while I’m designing and also chews my furniture, and has gone after my shoes (anyone that know me well will tell you that is a HUGE mistake) He also thinks passing gas should happen often and loudly.


Yes my friends, I got a new puppy.  I am so in love him and take him everywhere with me.  I wrote last week that my life was full and busy and I was excited about my new crazysexycool line by designbysig so what in the world possessed me to take on such a huge commitment? Perhaps it was temporary insanity, or maybe, it was seeing a ghost.

I used to share a dog named Gio.  I met him through a friend, and at first was terrified of him, but once I got to know him I was in love.  I got to keep him for a while and then share “custody. He was the greatest dog I have ever known.  Although I didn’t raise him, I was connected to him and he became a part of the family.   I loved him in a way that has forever etched him into my heart. He was a gentle beast and I miss him.

When Gio was getting towards the end of his life, he was blind.  It did not stop him from being fiercely loyal and protective of me.  One night I was sitting at home alone with him and I thought I heard something outside. I got up to check it out, and when I opened the door Gio was off.

He ran outside barking to attack whatever came but the poor guy was blind, and in the excitement of the moment lost his way for a minute and ran straight into the pool.  As soon as I heard the splash I ran after him and jumped in to save him. We were quite that sight.

Don’t think I’m crazy, but if dogs could laugh, I’m pretty sure Gio laughed that night.  We were both sitting of the step of the pool, panting, and freezing.  I’m sure he thought I was ridiculous for jumping on after him, and probably a little annoyed that I have moved the pool without letting him know.

Gio passed away not too long after that and I miss him.  Cut to last week, and we come to my new boyfriend.  I went online to do some work and for reasons I cannot explain, I did a search for pit bulls.  Maybe I was thinking about Gio, but before I realized what I was doing, there he was, staring at me.

My new puppy, Gio Junior, does not really look like Gio, but when I looked into his eyes, it was like my Gio was there.  I could not stop staring at his face and so rather than try to figure out what exactly I was doing, I went and got the dog.  No turning back now because we are in love.

He goes everywhere with me, and I love that.

It’s going to be a long few weeks of training for my new boy.  He has not yet mastered the stairs, or realized that necklaces are not for puppies.  He will chew on anything from cat food to shoes, my computer cable and even my phone. But I have the spirit of Gio back in my home and it feels good.

While there will never be another Gio, calling the new puppy Gio Jr. Makes sense to me.  I love them both and life is busy.  I am looking forward to watching him grow and am so excited about having a fabulous excuse to buy new shoes!  If he can just stop farting, it will be perfect!

Love and Peace.