It’s not enough that jewelry looks good, it needs to feel good.  I take a lot of pride in my work and if it looks good but is not comfortable, I’m not selling it.  I wear each one of my samples to make sure they work in real life. We all have bought that gorgeous piece of jewelry, worn it proudly for one night, only to tuck it away and never wear it again. I don’t want that. I want you to wear designbysig like a favorite pair of blue jeans that you can’t wait to slip on in the morning.

I wear my samples in the shower to see how they do in water, and in the hot tub to test how they handle the heat. Nothing dirty people just quality control.  I wear them with delicate silk shirts to make sure nothing catches, and to ensure the pieces are not too heavy. Something as little as how it sits on the body, and the directions of each stone, are all things that I really care about. Yes, I care about quality control.

We all know the saying, if you look good you feel good, but for my pieces, the saying is, if it feels good, it will look better!  It’s not enough for me that you buy it, I want you to wear it and love it. Speaking of love, a word of advice to all of my romantic peeps out there, chocolate = like.                                                       DesignbySig = LOVE and it is just the thing for Valentine’s Day!  Happy shopping and remember, accessories matter!

Love & Peace,