I have received quite a few inquiries in regards to the symbol on my designbysig logo.  Well, it is the Kanji symbol for “courage”.  The Japanese writing system is composed by symbols taken from the Chinese language. Unlike in hiragana and katakana, each kanji symbol has a meaning.  Most times, these symbols are used together with other two syllabic scripts called hiragana and katakana, and the Arabic numerals. Occasionally, the Latin alphabet is used in Japanese writing.

While in Thailand, a couple of years ago, I decided to tattoo the symbol to my body, as a daily reminder.I went ahead with the decision knowing my Jewish parents will strongly disapprove as it goes against the religion to alter ones body.

I see it differently. If one can get a nose job or Botox, I can get a tattoo.

Deciding to start my own business, knowing I will be working over fifty hour weeks, took courage. Sending my boys to study abroad took all the courage I have.  Taking on two small kids, when mine are out the door took courage.

Telling my mom about the tattoo was a whole other story. It took a month for me to gather the courage for that one.

Courage is important and I am required to have it every day.  Some days getting on the freeway in Los Angeles requires courage.  Sometimes not screaming like banshee when the puppy eats a beautiful Louboutin shoe requires courage.  Being a single mother is the ultimate courage.

My life has been a series of leaps of faith and you can’t jump off the ledge if you don’t have courage.  If you are lucky enough to also have a little bit of crazy, life can be an incredible journey.  Thanks for all the questions about the logo.  Anything else you want to know, write me!

Love & Peace.