It has been a hectic few weeks getting ready to launch my latest line. CrazySexyCool is my new collection and I am very proud of it.  It includes pieces that capture a younger vibe that is fun and fresh.  The pieces are stylish, dramatic and affordable.  DesignBySig is my passion and launching this second collection has been amazing. Starting a new company is a big job, but one I love.  Of course it’s not easy, but sometimes you just have to give up sleep to follow your dreams.

Who needs sleep?

Between training our new puppy Gio, designing for what seems like 24/7, the new collection is almost done and now I can rest.  Rest means I will get 4 hours of sleep a night and I can’t wait.  To kick off my new sleeping schedule I am heading to Vegas to celebrate.  If you’re going to get four hours of sleep Vegas seems like the perfect place to be.  I am looking forward to rest and relaxation, but also the celebration.

I am going to Vegas with some very special people who had a hand in getting CrazySexyCool ready.

My best friend Marty did the music remix for the new site and I am so grateful for his talent.  He has been a great friend to me and that he invited us to Vegas is really amazing.  We have been friends for a long time and sharing the experience with him means a lot to me.

I am a tough businesswoman and that both these men have embraced my business side is a blessing.  They have stepped up to the plate and helped make my dreams come true, without ever making me want to kill them. Well, maybe once or twice.

I am lucky to have a supportive family and amazing friends.   To my delicious sons I say thank you.  You inspired CrazySexyCool and seeing you wear the pieces makes me very happy.   To my dad, there are no words.  Thank you Abba for our morning talks, taking my calls no matter how busy you get, your endless support, my custom made design table, and my amazing sample boards. I love you!

To Ilana, thank you for your friendship, our spontaneous lunches,  and your unconditional support from day one.

To Gio, thank you for no longer eating the jewelry.

To Vegas, get ready because I am coming and with only four hours of sleep required, things are going to get crazy, sexy and cool.  Happy shopping and I’ll see you soon.

Love and Peace,