I am back after being temporarily knocked out by the flu.  It’s been a rough week, and when you add on having to recover from four days in Vegas, my recovery was super slow!  It’s great to be home and felling better.  It’s an exciting time for fashion and accessories because it’s Fashion Week in Los Angeles.

We may not have the same high profile as New York, but we sure do have the glitz and the glam.  I am looking forward to seeing some shows, meeting great people, and getting inspired.  Sometimes I see a beautiful outfit and think I can make it even better with the right necklace.  It’s such fun.

It’s an exciting time because I am now not going as just a fan, but as a colleague.  I’m in the game and it’s fabulous.  I’ve also connected in business with people I have known personally for years.  The networking is really wonderful because knowing one person leads to a fresh path.

Miryam Abitbol has been my friend for years and I am so proud of her  elise M belt and bag line. We got to share Magic and Project in Vegas her crew is just adorable.  We snuck in some dinners, dancing and a few drink.

I have known handbag designer Anat Marin for years. She has really wonderful pieces and I have been a fan of her for a long time.  I love the details in her new handbag line and adore how she uses color and texture.  I have pieces in my own designbysig line that match so perfectly with her bags; it’s as if they were a set.

Anat introduced me to the work of fashion designer Tal Sheyn years ago.  I have been a fan of her couture line and loving her Alexis By Tal Sheyn dresses and while we spoke on the phone and knew people in common, I have yet to meet her in person, and looking forward to it.  She is an inspiration to me and it was through Tal that I was introduced to stylist Rosy and her adorable assistant Christy.

Rosy is styling a few shows for Fashion Week and I am a fan. She came over to the house and chose some of my best pieces to possibly use in one of the shows. She has a good eye and a fun approach to how she styles.  More than just a look, she styles in a way that you notice the person.  The look makes the person shine, not the other way around and I love that about her.

It’s been like a game of telephone with this group.  One knows another, knows the other and we were all connected.  Women are powerful.  We are strong in terms of our personal lives, but when it comes to business, we are a different kind of strong.  As women we work harder than men

Men won’t agree with me, but when a man can give birth to a watermelon, get a period the day he has a huge sales pitch, and have to worry about meeting a man while raising a boy to be man, he can then claim to work harder than a woman.  The power of women is special.

I am enjoying a week of fashion shows, inspiration, and spending time with these new strong, passionate women in my life.  It’s a great time for my business, my heart, and my dreams.  Hopefully next year designbysig will partake in Fashion Week.

If I put it out there, it will be.  Amen!

Love and Peace.