I love having my work on the worldwide web.  Seeing that people from 115 countries have stopped by to view my pieces gives me a thrill.  When I ship pieces to places like New Zealand, Israel, or Canada, it makes me feel good.  For my pieces to be worn globally is remarkable because my work is inspired from my travels, and the people I met. 

That we live in a world where it is even possible is amazing to me.  Especially when I think back to my first cell phone.  It weighed 5 pounds and needed its own purse ;-).  The web makes the world small and while I am proud to have my company be web-based, things are changing.

About a month ago I went to Malibu for lunch with friends.  I didn’t really want to go because I was so busy, but when I weighed finishing my work against lunch and a cocktail overlooking the Pacific Ocean, I made the executive decision to take a break and spend the day being a lady who lunches.

It’s good to be the boss!

We had a phenomenal lunch, a couple of drinks, and I got to hang out with some friends.  After we ate we walked around and went into a couple of the quaint shops.  We went into one shop called Tylie Malibu, and we immediately fell in love with everything.  I thought about how great my jewels would look with the bags and super cool clothing they carry.  Before I could digest this thought, a young girl named Hillary approached. She was super sweet and helping my friend Yvonne choose a beautiful handbag she simply had to have.  Hillary loved the jewels Yvonne was wearing by my crazysexycool and designbysig lines, and asked where she got them from.  My friend Lori took over and didn’t stop talking about how much she too loved my pieces, and before you know it she made an appointment for me to meet the buyer.

I love my friends.

I pulled some of my favorite pieces and met with Heidi, the buyer.  We have met once more since then, and I can tell you that I now have a new friend.  She ended up ordering some of my favorite pieces, and I thought, this is going to work. It felt like some time off with a good friend.

I love my job.

I am thrilled to tell you all that Tylie Malibu, is now carrying DesignBySig, and that this is just the beginning of our retail life. I am so happy to be partnering with them and not just because I love their store and the items they carry.  With summer fast approaching, I will need to deliver pieces to Malibu, in the middle of the day, wearing my bathing suit under my clothes.   Who needs the postal service when I can deliver the orders myself?

It’s good to be the boss!


The web makes the world small, but so do we.   I forced myself to step away from my work and it lead me down a new and exciting path.  I met people I would not have met had I not made the schlep to the beach, and those people are now opening up the world to me in a new way.  Being kind to a stranger matters.

Everyone should take a moment out of today to simply breathe.  Think of all the possibilities, and if you are brave, be kind to a stranger.  When we connect as people magical things can happen.  

Thank you to Lisa, Heidi, and Hillary of Tylie Malibu.  I am happy to be working with you, and will “stop by” the beach whenever I can.

Love and Peace