Born in Israel, raised in L.A., I’m a designer with manners and a touch of ‘chutzpa’…or maybe the other way around. Love my boys, the beach, drums, dancing…. Love my job and Saturday mornings. Strong and feisty. Funny and full of life!

Design by SIG was established in 2011 with an overnight decision to pursue my true passion and dream.  With my older son getting ready to leave for college, and the younger one with one foot out the door, I knew it was time.

At an early age I constantly dreamt of travelling the world. I knew it was a passion I simply could not live without. My travels have taken me to nearly every continent and ocean. I have explored the largest cities in the world, as well as villages seldom visited. Little did I know I was subconsciously picking up a tiny piece of every place and person I met along the way, while leaving behind a small piece of my heart.

In 2005, while in Morocco in a small remote village, a little boy with the biggest brown eyes I have ever seen came up to me. He was selling large resin beads to help feed his family.  He was only six years old. Six years old.  I bought every last piece he had, brought them home, knowing I would create something out of them.

I find that the objects I collect and the people I meet, pour themselves into my designs. Every piece I design carries with it a small part of my experience and a large part of my soul. The love I have for my incredible boys, my family, and those close to me are my inspiration.

I know you will find a piece that speaks to your heart, inspires your dreams and goes with you on your adventures.

Love & Peace


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