A New Year Begins

When I launched my new line late last year, it was so crazy busy I never really thought about the date.  It was October, then November, and before I knew it, December was over and the New Year had begun.  It is only now, a week into 2012 that I am taking a moment to reflect on 2011. It was a wonderful time in both my personal and professional lives. At home my oldest son began college, and my younger one got his first car.  I moved in with my Canadian boyfriend and am blessed to have his two young sons as a part of my family.

It is a lot of change, but we are all excited. In the middle of many new beginnings, I had another baby.  DesignBySig is my heart and soul and I really think of it as a baby.  I have watched it go from my passion, to an idea, to a business, to my dreams coming true.  Just as I am getting into the swing of things, change is knocking on my door again.

I am launching a young adult line called Crazy-Sexy-Cool and it is already racking up orders without even being officially launched.  My DesignBySig baby went a little nuts and decided to have its own baby, so I am juggling both lines and could not be happier!  I am living my dream and it is a blessing.

This promises to be an exciting year for my company but I cannot jump into the New Year without taking a moment to say thank you.  Thanks to all of you for embracing DesignBySig and helping to make it a huge success.  I look forward to the  2012, new pieces, and new friends.  Thank you!!!

Love and Peace


DesignBySig Grows by Going Junior

I have two fabulous cool teenage sons who love to wear my designs.It makes me so proud when my boys go out wearing necklaces and bracelets that I have created for www.designbysig.com

They are my inspiration and that they not only wear them but proudly declare that they were made by their mom, my heart wants to bust.

Lately a lot of their friends have been coming around to look at the pieces, which is really cute.A few of them found designs they loved and would tell they were going to save up for it.  Such sweet kids.I wanted to give them everything!  I couldn’t stop thinking about it and  came up with a new plan.

I placed a call to my  web masters at and by the time we hung up, www.crazysexycool.me was underway.

I am thrilled to announce that I am creating my first junior Line, www.crazysexycool.me


They will be affordable pieces that kids can buy, or be given as gifts.  They will be the same high quality and craftsmanship as my adult line,  but with a young edge that teens will love and parents will want to borrow 😉

I am really excited about these pieces.

I told my kids about it earlier this week and I already have orders for 20 pieces!Now I have to wonder, what was I thinking? It’s going to be a lot of work in terms of time, but not a lot of work from the perspective that it is joy for me to create and I don’t really think of it as work. I can’t wait to share it with all of you and hope you will find a special piece for the special young people in your lives.

The line will be launched in the spring of 2012 and will have pieces for boys and girls, and include necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

The perfect gift for the blessings in our lives.

Love & Peace


A Cry For Help Must Be Answered By All of Us

I was recently sent a video that was made by a 14 year old boy named Jonah Mowry.  He is a gay teen who has been tortured by kids in his school for being gay.  You can view Jonah’s moving and heartbreaking video by clicking on this link: http://youtu.be/iCi8fe0KtZ0

My heart broke when I watched Jonah’s video to the world.  I feel his pain because I know his pain.  As the mother of a gay son, I have seen firsthand how cruel people can be.  My son is a divine human being and who he chooses to love does not define who he is, and should not be judged.   How can we expect children to grow up and make the world a better place when they are fueled by hate?  It is our responsibility as adults and decent people to stop the bullying and hate towards not only the gay community but anyone who is punished by the ignorance of people.

Knowledge, tolerance, peace, love and understanding must be taught at home. Children are not born with hate, they are taught hate.  The blame for hate falls not only on the children who are bullying, but on their parents and the adults in their family who allow it with no repercussions. My son is away at college and I cannot fight all of his battles for him, but I wish I could.  I would like to address every single person who has uttered a gay slur to him, or made him feel bad about whom he is.  God created this beautiful child and I am blessed to be his mother.

 My mission in life is to help create a world where my son is free to live the life God planned for him.  I also happen to be an Israeli so don’t mess with me.  I am not only standing up for my own child, but for every child who may not have the support they need to be able to say ENOUGH!

I pledge to walk the walk with all of you!

To Jonah, I love you.  To my son, you are perfection to me and I love you more than you will ever know.  I love you and your wonderful boyfriend and it my greatest joy to watch the love and respect you have for each other.  God bless you.  We are all in this together, and none of you will ever be alone.

 Love & Peace


The Joy and Fear of Thanksgiving

I love this holiday. It’s all about family, friends and food, three of my favorite things!

This year Thanksgiving was at my house and I had 20 people coming for dinner. Not a big deal except that we only decided it would be at my house yesterday!

I have rallied the troops and dinner just went down and it was fabulous. I am filled with joy and gratitude for all the blessings in my life. I have 2 wonderful children, a boyfriend I adore, the two beautiful children he has brought into our home, my family, my friends, and my newest baby, www.designbySig.com

I am also grateful for my ex-husband and truly blessed that we are BEST FRIENDS and have always put the needs of our boys first. It has been a huge accomplishment that we have united as friends to raise our truly magnificent children. Sadly, this perfect day was also filled with fear.

My oldest son, who I love more than I can ever explain, has decided he wants to help in the kitchen. The mere thought was almost too much to bear. I love him but trust me when I tell you the kitchen is the last place on earth this child should be. I was secretly praying he gets distracted by football, or his brother, or the dog, or an earthquake. It would be easier to clean up after an earthquake than after an hour of having this boy in the kitchen.

Dear Lord give me strength. It is a feast over here with all the traditional Thanksgiving items, in addition to some Israeli goodies thrown in for good measure.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. May your day be filled with laughter, joy, and no fear!

Peace and Love. Sig

The Art of a Blog

I like blogging.  It’s therapeutic to write and share, but there are some days when I’ve just got nothing.  Do I write about my work, my family, my boyfriend, my dog?  I wondered around the house today trying to figure out what to write about, and nothing.

I have a friend who blogs every single day and always has something interesting to share.  How is that possible?  I almost wrote about my trip to market and how much laundry I have.  Who can do this every day and not run out of things to say?

That I am writing a blog, about not having anything to write about, is both pathetic and fantastic.  It’s my Seinfeld moment.  A blog about nothing.  Rather than stress about it any longer, I am going to go make dinner and cut myself some slack.

If my next blog is about what we had for dinner, shoot me.

Love and peace.


The Test of Time

I am currently working on a line of designs that are so beautiful, that I stop while I am making them to admire my own work!  I love them so much and don’t mind bragging about it.  I wonder sometimes about whether I will love them years from now.  Will my grandchildren want to wear these early pieces? Will these pieces that I love so much, stand the test of time?  Yes they will!

I wear them now, and know that I will continue to wear the pieces from this line for years to come.  They are not locked in as simply fashion of today.  They are beautiful and will stay that way forever.  They are classic.

The other day I was wearing a pair of jeans and a light sweater.  We had an almost fall like day in Los Angeles, and I paired the outfit with a couple of my strands, and a large amber piece.  I got compliments on my necklace all day.  It made me so happy to have people appreciate my work and share with me.

At the post office, a woman told me that her mother once had an amber piece and my necklace reminded her of it.  I truly hope my pieces will be worn, and passed along, creating memories of mothers for their children.  These designs will carry the stories of who wears them, and that is timeless.

Peace and Love,


When Stones Look Like Candy

Over the weekend was the Jewish holiday of Yom Kipper.  It is a time of reflection and atonement.  As Jews we fast for 24 hours and I look forward to it not only because of my faith, but because a day with no food can never hurt.

I do not work during the high holy days so it was a peaceful weekend. I can tell you though that by lunchtime on Saturday, I walked past my design table and could have sworn that some of the stones looked like chocolate.  I had to stop and take a closer look because my desk looked like it had been designed by Willy Wonka, not my dad.  It was very entertaining. My pliers became nutcrackers, my chains turned into red vines, and I was tempted to sit down and start eating.  I think at one point I actually smelled one of the rocks, convinced it was a Reese’s peanut butter cup.

Hunger plays games with your mind and while I love my stones, eating them is a bit much. My website is about to launch and I am very excited.  I have been working around the clock getting the line ready to go, and I cannot wait for it to go live. This is my dream and once the website is launched, it will be the realization of my passion becoming my work.  It’s an amazing feeling.

I made it through the fast without eating any of my jewelry, and I am starting the New Year by launching my new company.  It’s an exciting time for Design by Sig and I’m so happy you are sharing it with me.  Let me know what you think of the site once it’s up, and happy shopping!

Love and Peace,


The Power of Touch.

When I am creating my designs, I touch everything.  To look at the stones is not enough.  I need to feel them to truly understand what I want to do, because each stone gives me a feeling and truly decides the direction the piece will go.

Touching them is part of my inspiration. I am humbled by a perfect stone.  That it can be flawless, made so by nature, is beautiful.  When I come across a stone with an imperfection however, I get excited.  When a perfect stone has a bump, or ridge, I can’t help but wonder about the journey it’s taken.

My designs are not just about my travels, but each piece tells its own story. When you buy one of my pieces, I want you to touch all the parts that make it whole.  Feel the stones, look at the colors, and appreciate what nature has created. My design is only a small part of it.

I have a basket full of imperfect stones. Just because it does not make it into one of my pieces, does not mean it is not beautiful.  One day I will take all the imperfect stones and make something magnificent out of them.  The flaws remind me to see beauty in everything. I will never be perfect.  I have flaws, which I have learned to not only accept, but embrace.

I admire beauty and feel blessed to be able to see it in places where it is not obvious.  When you buy one of my pieces, touch the stones and you’ll be connected to their beauty.


Peace and Love,


New Seasons Bring New Stones.

Summer ended last weekend. I know that winter is coming because it’s a bristling 75 degrees in Los Angeles. It’s hard to get into the idea of winter when it’s so warm, but I love the heat and will miss summer.
I get restless to travel in the winter and it changes my designs. I just did a series of pieces with shades of amber, brown and bronze. They feel like fall and there is warmth to the stones that I love. They are solid pieces, but not heavy or bulky, which is important. I want my pieces to grace your neck, not weigh it down.

I will wake up one of these days, and my cravings for a beach in far away land will inspire a change. I love using turquoise, and greens tones. They are like the ocean, which is a special place for me. The ocean brings me peace and comfort and that translates into these stones. The change of weather is nice.

I am beginning to understand that my oldest baby is off at school. It’s been almost two week since my beloved Andrew left for college, and it feels like it’s been years since I saw him. I hope that my loneliness for him gets easier to deal with in time. I will look back at these pieces years from now and remember that they represent such transition.
Andrew is doing great and settling in. I am missing him, but using the quiet as inspiration to create special pieces. Seasons bring change and change is good. Amen.
Love and peace

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I am having my new line photographed for my website today. It’s an incredible feeling to see the photographs and I’m trying really hard to sit back and enjoy the experience, rather than being a control freak. These pieces are like my babies and I want them all to look perfect.

I remember when my boys were little and I would take them to get photographs done. I was always straightening a shirt, or fixing their hair, or telling them to smile. I look at my pieces getting photographed and I want to adjust them, but need to trust their beauty will shine through.

I want you all to see them I do, and feel the love I put into them. They are all by hand, my hand. When you buy one of my pieces, you know that it has touched my heart and I am sending it to you with blessings of love and peace. I love it that these pieces connect me to people around the world.

When I am making my jewelry I remember where I have been, and the adventures I’ve had. When I ship them to you, I think about where you are wearing it, and with what outfit. It makes me so happy to know the pieces are continuing their travels with you. That’s the best part.

I’m very excited to share the pictures with you. My website is about to launch and I can’t wait to hear your feedback. It’s an exciting time at Designbysig and I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Thank you for your messages of love and support. I appreciate each and every one.

Love and peace