The Jewelry


Design by SIG was established in 2011 with an overnight decision to pursue a true passion and dream. Inspired by my travels which have taken me to nearly every continent and ocean, I find that the objects I collect and the people I meet pour themselves into my designs. One of a kind and limited collections. Every piece I design is handmade, using natural stones, high end metals and imported items from around the world.



With the same vision and craftsmanship as DesignBySig,  CrazySexyCool uses more cost effective materials, for those who have impeccable taste, but are looking for something to suit a young person’s budget. A Hip, trendy and cool line.

I believe we all have some sexy and cool living inside of us and if you are able to find them, and add a little crazy to the mix, life is an amazing journey.

I use only the best, all the way down to the wires and connectors. I will not ever use cheap supplies to save money.
I refuse to sacrifice quality to ‘cut costs’.
Every piece is handmade, and because of the natural materials used, no two pieces are ever exactly the same.twit 4

I am inspired by people, places and the sound of music. My boys always know when I’m working because music, from around the world, is playing.  I work best when listening to music, it  soothes my soul and allows my creativity to flow.

Love and Peace,


4 thoughts on “The Jewelry”

  1. This is really beautiful stuff! Thank you for liking The Future Coaches blog, so that I got the opportunity to discover your! /Tia

  2. yes i do. the links are on side bars or
    thanks so much

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